Our Mission

At i-cube Learning, we are determined in our mission to help students master the
fundamentals of Maths and English whilst future proofing students with 21 st century skills by teaching them to read and write code.

Why choose us?

Whether you’re looking for academic support, a confidence boost, exam preparation or an environment in which your child can thrive, at i-Cube Learning we can do just that.

Our People make us special

At i-Cube our staff is at the heart of everything. They are themselves, academic achievers, share a passion for learning and love to see students thrive in their learning, all in a warm, supportive environment.

At i-Cube we nurture confident learners. At i-Cube learning, our goal is to enable students to excel academically, develop positive attitudes towards learning, takes risk, become independent thinkers and thrive in school and beyond. We are 100% confident you will never find another supportive tutoring centre in Dubai.

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What makes i-Cube Learning great value?

  • Inspiring tutors, highly trained in the curriculum, to inspire and support your child to achieve their goals.
  • An individualised curriculum designed around your child to challenge them at exactly the right level.
  • Cutting-edge digital tools and traditional paper-based methods for the perfect mix of interactive learning.
  • We offer tuition for students between 8-16
  • Maths
  • English
  • Coding
  • Rubik’s Cube